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Chance Dance


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Chance Dance Registration:

Take advantage of early registration prices and our money back guarantee for inclement weather. We will send you a confirming e-mail when we receive your registration.

Name(s): _________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________

E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________

Entire Weekend (postmarked on or before 2/17/16): $50 X ________ = $________

Entire Weekend (postmarked after 2/17/16): $60 X ________ = $________

*Saturday Only (All Day): $40 X ________ = $________

*Individual Session (please specify) Fri eve, Sat afternoon, Sat eve, Sunday: $20 X ________ = $________

*All sessions include meals for that day Total Enclosed: $____________

Students 1/2 price

Make checks payable to: Cape Friends of Traditional Music and Dance

C/O John Coffman
656 Highland Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4727

Housing: Requests for (sleeping bag) space will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited, so make your request early. If we have more requests than space, we may open up the American Legion hall for floor space. Note, the American Legion Hall has rest rooms, but not showers. Please submit housing requests with your registration, postmarked on or before 2/17/16. I request sleeping bag space for ________ number of dancers. (Bring an air mattress or mat.) Please indicate special needs, such as smoking, allergies, etc.:

Special Needs: ________________________________________________________________________

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CHANCE DANCE CONTRA DANCE: Friday, 2/26/16 through Sunday, 2/28/16

American Legion Hall, 2731 Thomas Drive , Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

Chance Dance Guarantee: If we have snow or ice, call John or Kathy Coffman at (573) 334-4706 to see if the dance has been cancelled. If you have snow or ice along your route, you may need to cancel. Either way, we will refund your money.

Two Brunches and a Potluck Dinner: We plan to serve a no-cook brunch on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. We also plan to have a potluck dinner on Saturday evening.

Help: We will ask your help (probably about 1 hour per person) with tasks such as moving tables and setting up and cleaning up the meals.

Chance Dance Questions: Contact John or Kathy Coffman at (573) 334-4706

Bands: Euphor (U4) will send a shiver down your spine! They perform both traditional and original music; Tom and Matt Turino write much of the band's music. Get ready to hear a mix of kickin' old-time and original music, including a bunch of gorgeous, swelling, minor tunes with a chuggin' feel. Euphor consistently surprises dancers with the beauty and power of their music. They feature Tom Turino on banjo, vocals, and fiddle; Matt Turino on fiddle; Michael Valliant on bass; and Sam Payne on guitar. The Ripples are an upcoming band from Cincinnati with a unique sound. They feature Gabbi Lanza on vocals and percussion; Kristen Planeaux on piano, flute, vocals and percussion; Andrew Taylor on fiddle; and Christopher Wood on piano, guitar, and bass. The Bruce Zimmerman Band is phenomenal. Bruce is widely regarded as the best blues man between St. Louis and Memphis. He has played with blues legends, such as Skunk Baxter, Rufas Thomas, Snooky Pryor, Big Larry Williams, Narvel Felts and Lee Oscar. And Bruce has opened for Buddy Guy, Rare Earth, Grass Roots, Black Oak Arkansas, Sawyer Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Leon Russel, and others. And Bruce is a prolific composer. See Bruce's website. Last, Turnip the Beet will blow your mind. This duo feature Kelsey Wells on fiddle and Jeremy Lekich on guitar, percussion, and banjo. Expect to hear a mix of eclectic and original tunes.

Open Calling: Bring your calling cards. We plan to have a callers’ discussion during the Sunday morning brunch.

More Contra Dancing: Dance in St. Louis Sunday evening from 7 - 10 p. Google "Childgrove Country Dancers" or go to for directions and details.

Planned Schedule:

7:30p to 11p: Contra Dance to Euphor
11:15 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.: Contra Dance to Turnip the Beet

10a to 11:00a: No Cook Brunch
11:30a to 12:20p: Waltz and Cajun to Euphor
1p to 4:30p: Contra Dance to the Ripples
5p to 6:00p: Potluck
7p to 10p Contra Dance to Euphor
10:15p to 12:a.m.: Blues and Swing with the Bruce Zimmerman Band

9:30a to 10:30a: No Cook Brunch
9:30a to 10:30a: Callers' Discussion
11a to 2p Contra Dance to Euphor

Location: American Legion Hall, 2731 Thomas Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Recommended Hotel: Comfort Suites

Directions from St. Louis: [Total distance from St. Louis is about 115 miles.] Take I-55 South (about 105 miles) to exit 99. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left (Southeast) on US 61 (Be careful turning left; US 61 is a divided highway. As you enter Cape Girardeau, US 61 becomes Kingshighway). Travel about 2.8 miles on US 61 until you reach Thomas Drive on the right side of the road. (Thomas Drive is a small, "easy to miss," street; it is across the street from the Budget Inn.). Turn right (West) on Thomas Drive. Travel about 500 feet until you see the American Legion Hall on the left. It is a fairly large building with beige metal siding.

Directions from Memphis: [Total distance from Memphis is about 173 miles.] Take I-55 North (about 162 miles) to exit 96. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right (East) onto Route K (William Street). Travel East on William Street for about 1.5 miles until you reach US 61 (MO 34, S.Kingshighway) Turn left (North) on US 61 (S. Kingshighway). Travel North about 1.9 miles on US 61 (S. Kingshighway) until you reach Thomas Drive on the left side of the road. (Thomas Drive is a small, "easy to miss," street; it is across the street from the Budget Inn, just before you reach the Budget Inn.). Turn left (West) on Thomas Drive. Travel about 500 feet until you see the American Legion Hall on the left. It is a fairly large building with beige metal siding.